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Great article by Wolfgang Kräusslich, Senior Chief Editor of Fluid magazine on customized heat exchangers saving space and money for Kaeser Compressors

Particularly when it comes to cleaning the water side, shell and tube heat exchangers have advantages over plate heat exchangers. Universal Hydraulik has now presented two innovations for this tried-and-tested product. One of these was given a closer look by fluid at Kaeser Kompressoren in Coburg.

RJW_8541 Fail Safe Cooler

RJW 8541 – Fail Safe Cooler

Sometimes, heat can be troublesome. It is generally created unintentionally, and if it is not wanted for the process, it must be dissipated. Cooling ­fins, fans and in certain cases appropriate heat exchangers are the tools of choice here. ‑ is also applies for compressors, where heat must be conducted away from both the drive train and from the compression process. Coburg-based compressed air specialist Kaeser Kompressoren uses air cooling alone for its screw compressors up to 30 kW, while for larger capacities air or water may be used, depending on the application and space requirements. The less space is available, the more water tends to be used. For units with three-­figure kW ratings, water cooling is the option most frequently used.

The Problem with Water Quality

Water – well, that sounds simple enough at first. But the devil is in the detail. Not all water is the same. And unlike in the oil or air side of a heat exchanger, the designer normally has less control over the quality of the water used. Each user deals with this issue differently; some put additives into the cooling circuit, while others have open circuits and highly varying qualities of water. Sometimes river water is used. But rivers can often be cloudy, and industry experts know that water ­filters are one of the components people economize on. Even where the water quality is tested in advance, a flood can turn a clear-running stream into a torrent of turbulent mud.

Additionally, substances such as chlorides or manganese in the water are invisible at first but can corrode away even the best stainless steel. It’s a similar story where seawater is used.

Both Tubes and Plates – Now Riding Piggyback

With their fi­nned design, plate heat exchangers contain a number of sharp internal angles, which makes them prone to contamination and becoming blocked. As a rule they are not easy to clean, unless one opts for large and costly models that can be unscrewed. Shell and tube heat exchangers, on the other hand, have smooth tubes on the water side that are less likely to attract dirt. If necessary the diameter of the tubes can be increased or the material adapted to the water quality. Various solutions exist, such as copper-nickel alloys (CuNi10 Fe), stainless steel (1.4571) or titanium, to cover most applications. The biggest advantage, however, is that this type of heat exchanger is very simple to clean. Just unscrew it, scrub it out and put it back together, you could say.

On the other hand, however, simple shell and tube heat exchangers have the disadvantage of requiring more space for a given cooling capacity. This is where Universal Hydraulik brings the hybrid heat exchanger into the game, combining the benefi­ts of both plate and shell and tube heat exchangers. This design has a greatly enlarged heat exchanging surface on the oil or air side, achieved through the use of plates drawn over the water tubes and linked to them by metal. This allows a unit to be created that is as compact as a plate heat exchanger. With this hybrid cooler, the manufacturer is now particularly represented in many Kaeser compressors used in advanced customer applications in difficult conditions such as marine environments. Another important factor; however, is that the loss of pressure caused by the heat exchanger inserted into the circuit must be as low as possible. Particularly in the case of air cooling and typically not more than 0.1 bar, and for this reason Kaeser has often ­fitted two heat exchangers. This is because where pressure loss is low, the level of compression can also be lower and thus a smaller motor can be used. For situations where space is very limited and only one unit can be ­fitted, meanwhile, the technicians of Universal Hydraulik have devised a market innovation – effectively two heat exchangers in one, in which the main tube carries another ‘piggyback’, as it were. The result: the required cooling capacity and a low loss of pressure, available for use where space is reduced.

Safety Heat Exchangers in Compact Format

In some situations, such as where river water or groundwater in an open-loop circuit is used for cooling, it is essential that no fluid from the oil circuit comes into contact with the water and that no water comes into the oil circuit. For such purposes, safety heat exchangers, which are also referred to as failsafe heat exchangers, are used – that is essentially a specially-designed double-tube heat exchanger. These exchangers also feature electronic monitoring for leakage that might occur, say, due to pitting corrosion.

Here again, Universal Hydraulik has come up with an innovation. Until now, safety heat exchangers have not been available in hybrid designs, and as a result they have been about three times larger for the same cooling capacity. With a new manufacturing process, however, it has become possible to make the gap between the tubes so small that the manufacturer can now house the double tube plus electronic monitoring in a hybrid model. This means that an ordinary hybrid cooler can now be replaced by a safety heat exchanger of the same physical size. And while Kaeser is not yet ­fitting the new safety heat exchangers into its compressors, it is good to know that it is available.

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That’s a Wrap on IFPE 2014

IFPEThe 2014 International Fluid Power Expo was a huge success! Many of our existing customers stopped by our booth to say hello and we had the chance to meet new friends as well. 

On Wednesday, we are honored to be awarded Hydraulics and Pneumatics Magazine’s inaugural Best Supplier Industry Blog at the show as well. It was a wonderful surprise and we are grateful to the readers of H&P Magazine for bestowing this honor upon us.

This was the largest trade show booth we’ve ever had in our 25-year history. With many companies paring back on tradeshows, we ramped up our presence with a 20’ x 40’ booth (we’ve posted a few of the photos of our booth below. Let us know what you think.).

We were also thankful that six of our European suppliers were also able to join us at IFPE and provide expert insight into their products. A big thank you goes out to the representatives from BKM Serv-Clip, Jahn’s, Maier, Eckart, Universal Hydraulik and Spradow for making the trip.

We were sad to see IFPE 2014 end. We’ve already started to follow up. If we promised to send you additional information or pricing, it will be delivered shortly.

See you at IFPE 2017! 

Universal Hydraulik Driving Development of Customized Solutions

Universal HydraulikIC-Fluid Power manufacturing partner, Universal Hydraulic, was spotlighted in an article titled Spotlight on Test Stand Design in a recent edition of Fluid Magazine

Below is an excerpt from the article and a link to open the entire piece.

The family-owned Universal Hydraulik is undoubtedly a well-known company. Since time immemorial, the company has been associated with heat exchangers. However, very little has thus far been known about the expertise of the Hessen-based company in building test stands. All this is about to change.

The company that undertakes the development and production of heat exchangers, cooling filter systems, test stands, and much more besides, is not called Universal Hydraulik for nothing and has its head office in Neu-Anspach. However, it is important to remember that the Hessen-based company has been building test stands for the entire industry for a good 25 years. The management in Altlussheim and Lothar Nagel therefore had a very good idea of what they were letting themselves in for when the job was placed.

It all started at Internormen Technology because they were finding it difficult to cope with testing filters in the way they had been due to an ever growing product range and increased production volumes. Lothar Nagel remembers: “We had reached the limit of our capacity and therefore decided to go for a new test stand for hydraulic and lubricating oil filter, which we commissioned in 2005. We thus test all filter housings for tightness before we deliver them to the customers.”

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Jay Dee Solether Hired for Product Manager Position at IC-Fluid Power

Jay Dee Solether

Jay Dee Solether

IC-Fluid Power, a privately-held firm providing custom hydraulics and replacement parts to clients throughout North America, recently hired Jay Dee Solether as Product Manager for their Universal Hydraulik heat exchanger product line.

In his role, Mr. Solether will manage existing heat exchanger products. He will also work with Universal Hydraulik, German-based manufacturer of heat exchangers, to create and integrate new products and product changes. He will also assist IC-Fluid’s North American sales team.

“We are thrilled to have Jay Dee join the IC-Fluid Power team,” said Bernd Hunger, Vice President of IC-Fluid Power. “Not only does he bring an educational background in sales and international business, he also has a complete view of business. His ability to speak fluent German doesn’t hurt either.”

Mr. Solether came to IC-Fluid Power from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning where he held the position of sales and customer service. Mr. Solether said, “I am extremely excited to work for a company that has ties to Germany. I lived in Germany for 12 years and feel very comfortable with the culture and language. My background will allow me to make a positive impact immediately and I’m looking forward to helping IC-Fluid Power grow.”

Working from IC-Fluid Power headquarters in Rossford, Ohio, Mr. Solether’s job responsibilities include: 

  • Strengthening manufacturer relationships
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Product development planning
  • Market analysis and trend identification

IC-Fluid Power to Exhibit at International WorkBoat Show

International WorkBoat ShowRossford, Ohio – IC-Fluid Power, a privately-held custom hydraulics and replacement spare parts firm, announced their participation in the 2013 International WorkBoat Show, October 9-11 in New Orleans, LA. Their booth number is 3672.

The International WorkBoat Show is North America’s largest commercial marine tradeshow and attracts more than 1,000 exhibitors annually.

“This is the trade show for the marine industry and we are looking forward to meeting people and spotlighting a few of our products that can make marine businesses more profitable,” commented Bernd Hunger, Vice President of IC-Fluid Power. “We have many products that are perfectly suited for the commercial marine industry, including Universal Hydraulik heat exchangers, Scanwill pressure intensifiers and Eckart rotary actuators.”

Based in Rossford, Ohio, IC-Fluid Power is a privately-held firm providing custom hydraulics, replacement parts, technical expertise and repair for European-engineered product lines to clients throughout North America. Since 1989, IC-Fluid Power has successfully provided engineering solutions and peace of mind. For more information on IC-Fluid Power, call 877-ICFLUID or visit

Universal Hydraulik Spring 2013 Newsletter

News from Universal Hydraulik:
  • Hannover Messe
  • Product Line Extensions
  • Cooling Systems
  • Test Stands
  • Customer Applications

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Universal Hydraulik at HANNOVER MESSE

Universal Hydraulik Booth at Hannover Messe 2013











ABOVE: Photo of the Universal Hydraulik booth at HANNOVER MESSE 2013

HANNOVER MESSE is the world’s leading annual showcase for industrial technology. The 2013 trade show will comprise 11 flagship fairs: Industrial Automation; Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA); Energy; Wind; MobiliTec; Digital Factory; ComVac; Industrial Supply; IndustrialGreenTec; Surface Technology; and Research & Technology. A strong emphasis will be placed on industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technologies, power transmission and control, industrial subcontracting, manufacturing technologies, services and R&D.

Tim Niemiec Joins IC-Fluid Power North American Sales Team

IC-Fluid Power strengthens direct sales force by hiring Tim Niemiec

Tim Niemiec

Tim Niemiec

Working from IC-Fluid Power headquarters in Rossford, Ohio, Mr. Niemiec will have day-to-day responsibility for continued growth of the Universal Hydraulik heat exchanger, Scanwill pressure intensifier, HydroWer, Aegi pipe clamp and Spradow test fitting product lines.

Mr. Niemiec has more than 25 years of experience within the Fluid Power industry. He recently held the position as Territory Manager for Parker-Legris where he was responsible for expanding and supporting business in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia regions, both directly and through multi-level distribution channels.

“Tim’s sound knowledge of the industry, his many years of experience and personality that complements IC-Fluid Power’s sales team were the criteria for our decision to hire him,” commented Bernd Hunger, Vice President of IC-Fluid Power. “We have found him to be an ambitious professional who can quickly contribute to our ongoing growth goals.

Mr. Niemiec holds an Associate Degree in electrical engineering and is recognized as a Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Specialist by the International Fluid Power Society.

About IC-Fluid Power

Based in Rossford, Ohio, IC-Fluid Power is a privately-held firm providing custom hydraulics, replacement parts, technical expertise and repair for European-engineered product lines to clients throughout North America. Since 1989, IC-Fluid Power has successfully provided engineering solutions and peace of mind. For more information on IC-Fluid Power, call 877-ICFLUID or visit

IC-Fluid Power Adds Universal Hydraulik to Supplier Network

Universal HydraulikRossford, Ohio (December 21, 2012) – IC-Fluid Power a privately-held firm providing custom hydraulics and replacement spare parts to clients throughout North America, announced a new supplier relationship with Universal Hydraulik, Neu-Anspach, Germany. The new partnership grants IC-Fluid Power exclusive North American distribution rights to Universal Hydraulik’s full line of heat exchangers.

“We could not be happier about our new supplier relationship with Universal Hydraulik,” said Bernd Hunger, Vice President of IC-Fluid Power. “We were immediately impressed with their level of service and quality,” he continued. “Universal Hydraulik heat exchangers are available as catalog products or can be customized to meet specific criteria.”

For more than 25 years, Universal Hydraulik has been designing hydraulic systems, cooling systems and heat exchangers that are used all over the world. Known for customized heat exchanger solutions, Universal Hydraulic has been continuously certified to DIN ISO 9001 since 1997 and holds certificates for Germanischer Lloyd and others.