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Flow Dividers – When are they needed?

When multiple cylinders or motors get power supply, without compulsory control of the individual flows of this working equipment, either the cylinder or the motor that has to resolve the lowest load, would move.
The next device would not work until reaching the end position of the working cylinder or the raising of the load resistance of the working motor. But such an activity of cylinders or motors is usually unrequested.
Therefore, the pump oil flow has to be dedicated to the single consumers in a particular ratio.

This can happen by:

– Derating or by flow-control valves in each cylinder or motor pipe
– Connecting motors or synchronization cylinders in series
– Flow Divider Valves, separating one input oil flow in two similar flows
– Flow Dividers of various construction types
Jahns is providing rotation flow dividers, which offer the following advantages independent from their construction type:
– Considerably high synchronization, already with the Hydraulic Gear Flow Dividers
– Hardly no changing synchronization at all, even when it comes to very different oil flows
– Thanks to little leak oil in the various chambers only small change in synchronization with different loads
– With current dividers, synchronization is uncomplicated with the right hydraulic gearshift und does not demand any adjustment work
– Jahns is also providing valves for piston flow dividers in easier synchronization cases, which allow a competitive dual distribution

The Adoption of Flow Dividers
In the case, that you are considering the use of flow dividers but you’re not sure if they are promising success, you should contact us best by sending us the planned schematic diagram.
Our long lasting cooperation with our customers enables us to evaluate the particular application optimally.

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