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IFPE 2014 – Compact Linear Actuator

Read the transcript of the video below…

My name is Ben Hunger. I’m the vice president of IC-Fluid Power. We’re here at IFPE 2014 and IC-Fluid Power is celebrating 25 years this year. We’ve got a great booth and a lot of product [on display].

One of the features this year is this new compact linear actuator; a new German product with a built-in hydraulic power unit right on top of the cylinder that keeps things nice and compact.

All you have to do is run a power line and a data line and you can control the whole system. It is clean system since the air is removed out. Since there are no air compromises in the hydraulic oil, you don’t have to change the oil for long periods of time [up to 10 years].

There are options for built-in accumulators along with other customization. It can use a standard hydraulic cylinder or a custom-designed cylinder from any manufacturer.

One of the applications where this is used is strip mining where it’s difficult to run hydraulic lines all over the place. It’s much easier [safer and more economical] to run some electrical and data lines.

This new compact linear actuator is really good in rugged applications where you don’t need a lot frequency, things sit for a long time or distances [between the power unit and actuator] are really long.

If you’d like more information about this product, visit our website,

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