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Maier Heidenheim stands for more than 80 years of experience as a technology leader in the area of rotary joints and offers superior and proven products as well as service quality, safety and reliability.

The combination of extensive research and development with solid laboratory and field testing leads to a maximum machine and system performance. Maier provides many lines of products, more than  a thousand standard types and numerous special solutions. This wide range of rotary joints offers you solutions for many applications.

Maier Catalogs:
PDF IconMaier Heidenheim Company Overview
PDF IconMaier DP Series – US inch
PDF IconMaier DQ Series – US inch
PDF IconMaier H Series – H inch
PDF IconMaier DC Series
PDF IconMaier DX and DXS Series
PDF IconMaier M and DA Series
PDF IconMaier MP Series
PDF IconMaier Rotary Joints for Machine Tools


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