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Quick and Easy Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems!

serv-Clip® has developed a new concept for saving time, oil contamination and money for the maintenance of hydraulic systems by creating an instant test fitting connection.

serv-Clip® works without cutting pipelines and installs in 3 minutes while under pressure!

Measure and control your hydraulic systems’ flow rate, leakage, temperature and pressure with fluid-Check sensors in easy and quick 5-minute installation without cutting any pipes.

We calibrate your sensor according to your requirements with your pipe outer diameter and wall thickness data.


Steel, aluminium, automobile, ship-vesels repair, cement, paper, wind wheels and more.


serv-Clip Catalog:
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serv-Clip Catalog

serv-Clip Products:

  • BKM serv-Clip Instant Test Fitting Connection

    serv-Clip Instant Test Fitting Connection

    Just install the Serv-Clip on the current hydraulic pipe or tube even if the system is pressurized to 9100 psi (630 bar) and then carry out your measurements: pressure, flow rate, oil sample or connect a variety of measuring devices.