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HydroWer is a global going German company, which was founded in 1980. High-pressure hydraulics up to 10,000 psi and hydraulic components are part of their portfolio.

HydroWer Catalogs:
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HydroWer Compensators
PDF IconHydroWer Shut Off Valves
PDF IconHydroWer Butterfly Valves and Compensators
PDF IconHydroWer Manual Valves
PDF IconHydroWer Pressure Relief Valves DBE & DBG
PDF IconHydroWer Pressure Switch

HydroWer Products:

  • HydroWer Compensators

    The HydroWer Rubber Compensator is a product that qualifies as one of the best kept secrets of power unit accessories.

  • HydroWer Butterfly Valves
    Butterfly Valves

    The butterfly valve is a component designed to save time for the technician working on the hydraulic system.