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Universal Hydraulik PTOK Heat Exchanger Series

On a hydraulic power unit with an average engine efficiency, 30-40 % of the motor power get lost as thermal energy, if there are no additional heat sources. A part of this heat is dispensed to the outside by the individual components. Especially the tank surface plays a main role here. Anyhow, residual heat remains, which can lead to an overheating of the oil.

To avoid this, the usage of a complementary cooler is necessary. In most cases a cooling capacity of 20-30 % of the motor power is enough, even for power units with a smaller tank surface.

Therefore, it’s difficult to imagine oil-hydraulics without the Universal Hydraulik PTÖK series heat exchanger. The bell housing with cooler is easy to install, needs notably little space and reaches the inquired cooling efficiency in complete in most application cases.

Product Features:

  • Round bell housing with oil air cooler
  • Model series for electrical motors 0.73-30 HP (0.55-22KW) (IMB 5/IMB 35/IMV 1)
  • Noise dampening design, form B
  • Cooling pipes 1.27-6.90 HP (0.95-5.15 KW)
  • 4 model series available (ø200-ø350)
  • All bell housing lengths comply with VDMA 24561
  • The standard bell housing can be replaced easily with bell housing with oil cooling at any time due to identical installation lengths
  • Can be used horizontally (IMB 5/IMB 35) as well as vertically (IMV 1)
  • Foot brackets series PTFL and PTFS mountable acc. to VDMA 24561

Product Advantages:

  • High cooling capacity with low noise output and very small installation space
  • Suitable as reflux or leak oil cooler
  • Requires no electrical installation
  • Easy to maintain with simply installation and removal of the cooler element
  • Sturdy cooler element for more safety during pressure peaks
  • Due to the standard dampening, reduction of noise level up to 6db (A) possible

Product Catalogs:
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