Hydraulic Accessories – Compensators

The HydroWer Rubber Compensator is a product that qualifies as one of the best kept secrets of power unit accessories. The compensators are flexible connectors with SAE or DIN flanges that correct pipe alignment problems. They also provide a benefit with damping of vibrations, noises and movements in axial and transverse direction.

The HydroWer Compensator is constructed of an inner liner of a reinforced high strength nitrile  rubber (Perbunan). The outer and inside layers are smooth and have an aerodynamic design that eliminates cavitation. Both ends have a vulcanized sealing surface, eliminating the need of additional seals. The maximum operating pressure is 115 psi from -4 °F to +176 °F.

Product Catalogs:
PDF IconHydroWer Product Overview
PDF IconHydroWer Compensators 1
PDF IconHydroWer Butterfly Valves and Compensators

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