Hydraulic Cylinders – Specialty / Test Cylinders

Test CylindersSpecialty cylinders are offered by both Hans Holland Hydraulik and Hänchen. Hänchen has renown for top quality hydraulic cylinders for many years.

Hans Holland Hydraulik can count on over 60 years’ experience of the former Hans Holland team in the field of engineering hydraulic cylinders. Their range of standard cylinders is complemented by their production of special cylinders. The company offers manufacture and supply on the basis of their own designs or of details and specifications provided by the customer for:

  • Compensating valves integrated in the piston
  • Metering cylinders
  • Three-position cylinders
  • Rapid force/speed cylinders
  • High speed cylinders (up to 40 m/s)
  • Multi-position cylinders
  • Plunger cylinders
  • Control and servo-cylinders
  • Synchronous cylinders
  • Tandem cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • Cooling jacket cylinders
  • Hollow piston cylinders
  • Oscillation (fatigue rated) cylinders
  • Locking and tensioning cylinders

Product Catalog:
PDF IconHänchen Test Cylinders


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