Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers in High Flow Applications

The MP-Intensifiers have a limitation to the maximum permissible flow supplied to the inlet of the intensifier, which depends on the model and intensification chosen. However all MP-Intensifiers can be used in high flow applications if the flow supplied to the intensifier is limited accordingly.

The circuit below shows how to install the intensifier in a high flow system. The flow to the intensifier is limited by flow restrictors, and parallel with the intensifier a pilot operated check valve is installed. This pilot-operated check valve is designed to take the full flow and pressure.
At the sequence start the full flow from the pump is delivered through the pilot-operated check valve to the cylinder. When pump pressure has been build up in the cylinder, the MP-intensifier will automatically increase the pressure as required.

This setup is also used in the reverse setup, where high pressure is required to initiate the movement of a cylinder, e.g. in core pulling in a plastic injection molding machine.

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