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Hydraulic Tool Intensifier

What are Tool Intensifiers?

A tool intensifier is a safety device that intensifies the available pressure from your truck to power your 10,000 psi hydraulic tools. The tool intensifier is designed to perform in hydraulic systems with a high backpressure and can handle resistance up to 700 psi.

How do Tool Intensifiers work?

The tool intensifier utilizes the tool circuit pressure on utility trucks and boosts it to 10,000 PSI. This allows you to use large crimping tools without the need for a separate electric or gas engine hydraulic power unit. The tool intensifier mounts on the side of the bucket and contains all the safety and control valves. The pressure is intensified with a reciprocating piston that operates at full flow until it the crimper bottoms out. Once the tool has bottomed out, the intensifier senses this and starts intensifying the lower pressure flow to 10,000 PSI.  

Benefits of using a Tool Intensifier

Our compact high pressure hydraulic intensifier is designed for a life in the field. It provides quick advance and retract for high pressure single acting spring return tools at 10,000 psi with an inlet pressure as low as 1,850 psi.

Since the pressure in the tool intensifier utilizes a reciprocating piston to build pressure, it creates less heat than other intensifiers used today. This allows the tool intensifier to be used continuously without having to stop and let everything cool down, increasing your productivity in the field.

The tool intensifier features a built-in pressure intensifier, pressure regulator and a safety relief valve to ensure a high level of precision and safety for the operator. It is designed for simple one-hand operation and is equipped with a pressure gauge for ensuring a perfect and consistent result, every time.

It also contains adjustable mounting brackets to fit almost every bucket.

ScanWill is a supplier and tool intensifier manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, and industrial.

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