Hydraulic Rotary Actuators – Pneumatic PSM2

 The PSM2 is a pneumatic rotary actuator that works according to the principle of the dual curve-roller deflection, and is most suited to applications in small installation spaces and with low weight requirements.
High-quality aluminum alloys and modified plastics are used as materials.

As a result of this material combination, the rotary actuator has an extremely low weight. The sizes/operating widths vary, with diameters ranging from 40 mm to 100 mm, and a torque of up to 690 lbf-in at an operating pressure of 87 psi can be achieved. The maximum operating pressure is 145 psi.

Due to the design of the standard drive shaft with a key hub, it is possible to insert a so-called thread adaptor or a hub adaptor, depending on requirements, which can then be equipped with all manner of connecting profiles, such as gear-shaft, rectangular, hexagonal, cylindrical and polygonal profiles.

Hydraulic Rotary-Linear Actuator Standard Features:

  • Torque output to 690 in-lb (78 Nm)
  • Pressure rating at 87 psi (6 bar)
  • Operating pressure up to 145 psi (10 bar)
  • Lifting power up to 7400 N
  • Standard Rotation – 90°/ 180° / 360°
  • Angle adjustment ± 5°
  • Wear resistant sliding surfaces

Hydraulic Rotary-Linear Actuator Optional Features:

  • Locating pin on the end of the shaft
  • Switching elements for angular interrogation
  • Custom configurations available

Hydraulic Rotary-Linear Actuator Product Catalog:
PDF IconEckart Rotary Actuator PSM2

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