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Hydraulic Rotary Unions — DC Series

The Maier DC Series is a rotary joint for steam and hot water at high pressures and speeds. The patented system includes balanced mechanical seal with external water cooling. It meets the special requirements of applications as coating and laminating systems, paper, non-woven and textile calendars as well as driers.

Hydraulic Rotary Union Product Features:

  • Considerable longer service life
  • Greater application data range compared to other rotary joints
  • Longer machine running times
  • Easily predictable maintenance due to temperature sensor at mechanical seal
  • Sensor monitors function of mechanical seal in the rotary joint
  • Mechanical seal is pressurized from outside for superior reliability and low friction torque
  • Usage of cooling water for the integrated cooling system
  • Insulating disk protects mechanical seal from abrasive pollutants and prevents dissipation of heat from heating circuit to the cooled seal area
  • Rapid tapered roller bearings for high speed, pressure, and additional loads
  • DCL and DC bearing lubrication with high temperature grease up to 428°F, 362psi

Maier is a supplier and rotary union manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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