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Hydraulic Rotary Unions — M and DA Series

The Maier M Series is a sturdy rotary joint for polluted media at low speeds, suitable for water and steam.

Hydraulic Rotary Union Product Features:

  • Satisfactory results with heavily contaminated water due to extremely robust seal
  • Housing made of cast iron with spheroidal graphite, bearing housing made of cast iron
  • Rotor made of steel with polished abrasion and corrosion-protective coating of metal-ceramics in the sealing surface area
  • Packing with teflon impregnation, very rugged, may also be used with high-solids media
  • Compression spring made of chrome steel
  • High-quality ball bearing with easy access to lubrication nipple and corrosion-resistant support bearing in pressure chamber

The Maier DA Series is a shaft-supported rotary joint with maintenance-free, metal-impregnated sealing rings. These rotary joints are suitable for thermal oil, steam and water at low RPM.

Hydraulic Rotary Union Product Features:

  • Inexpensive design, since no bearings needed and available in large sizes, up to DN 300m nominal bore
  • Seal rings are resistant to fraction, even at high pressures
  • Maintenance-free, no lubrication necessary
  • Housing made of cast iron with spheroidal graphite, diameters DN 80 and above are made of steel
  • Rotor and sealing surface made of chrome steel, rotor pipe for diameters DN 65 and above made of steel
  • Cover, flange cover, butting ring, adjustment ring, and compression springs made of chrome steel

Maier is a supplier and rotary union manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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