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Hydraulic Rotary Unions — MP Series

The Maier MP Series is a multi-passage rotary joint for simultaneous supply of up to 10 different media. It is suitable for turntables, tools and forms. By means of many possible variations of sizes, materials and seals, MP Series covers a wide scope of applications. MP rotary joints can be combined with a slip ring or another rotary joint or with hollow shaft rotary joints. They can also be designed with multi-ports at the housing.

Hydraulic Rotary Union Product Features:

  • Design with radial shaft seal with elastic contact
  • Seal design to be selected according required media and performance
  • Rotor made of stainless steel, at sealing rear hardened or with metal ceramics
  • Housing of brass, aluminum, or steel — depending on application data
  • Threaded connections are G/BSP (ISO 228)
  • Other threads such as NPT (ANSI) are available on request
  • Ball bearings lubricated for lifetime
  • Flange of rotor can be custom-made on request

Combi-joint type MPE: MP rotary joint with two or four passages and slip ring with gold/gold contacts

Hollow shaft type MPH: Simplest version of series MP with one passage and hollow shaft. The radial connection at the housing corresponds to the customer’s shaft inlet. The technical characteristics are the same as series MP. Multi-passage versions are available on request.

Rotary joint type MPT: Two-way-design with two mechanical seals. Transfer of one fluid in and out, suitable for higher speed by means of mechanical seal. Custom-made design on request.

Rotary joint type MPV: One-to-four-way-designs with gap seal bushes – “hydrostatic relief”. Gap seals create controlled leakage recirculated to the hydraulic unit. With this technology it is possible to transfer the medium at high speed and high pressure simultaneously.

Maier is a supplier and rotary union manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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