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Reduce Reverse Tonnage with Shock Dampers

Hydraulic shock dampers can be beneficial to reduce the effects that come from reverse tonnage. This device can reduce wear and damage and keep presses working more efficiently and with fewer problems.

Reverse tonnage issues include:

  • Loss of air and hydraulic lines
  • Electrical problems
  • Foundation issues
  • Extreme high levels of noise

A shock damper can reduce the effects of negative tonnage to prevent these symptoms from occurring. Reverse tonnage is typically seen in blanking applications and cutting and perforating applications.

Click to read how shock dampers reduced reverse tonnage by 40%.

How Do They Work?

The shock damper is designed to limit the slide speed after material breakthrough. This allows more blanking capacity for each press that uses the hydraulic shock damper system.

A hydraulic shock damper can extend the life of your press by protecting it from damage due to reverse tonnage. This is a cost effective way to protect your equipment and help it work more efficiently.

Watch the video below of shock dampers in action and see the difference they can make.

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