Shell and Tube Heat Exchanges

Reduce Down Time: Top quality shell and tube heat exchangers that won’t let you down at a price you can afford.

Don’t be taken in by cheap prices or purchasing the same-old heat exchangers; quality matters and we prove them wrong. Don’t settle for second best!

Drop in replacement heat exchangers for TTP (formerly Thermal Transfer Products), and interchangeability for API Heat Transfer, Basco, American Industrial and more.

– Thermal Transfer Products

(EK-, EKT-, K-, EC-, UC-, C-, SSC-, A- Series, Oil-Air cooler, Cool-Loop series, BP-series)

– API Heat Transfer

(500 ES-S, 500 ES-U, ES-T, Basco Type 500, Fan cooled, Plate Heat Exchangers)

– American Industrial Heat Exchangers (SAE)


Our Shell and Tube Heat Exchanges Advantages:

1.Clean coolers: If you’re paying for and have concern about purchasing pre-flushed heat exchangers (which never really are 100% clean) worry no more. Proprietary designed and manufactured so that flushing under ISO 4406:1999 is obsolete and not required. This is the cleanest heat exchanger available in this class and applies to every single heat exchanger shipped. If you are not familiar with the flushing concept, imagine what happens when the leftover manufacturing dirt and weld pearls make their way to your $5,000 servo valve and destroy it because you tried to save $25 on your heat exchanger—downtime and money wasted.

2. Safe coolers: Tested 3-4 times during its production:

  1. The first is a leakage test which applies 145 psi / 10 bar compressed air pressure after the water tubes are rolled in.
  2. The second is an automated test which applies 1,450 psi / 100 bar of compressed air pressure on the water side for 5-10 minutes. The shell or tube sheet is then automatically stamped and a green light occurs after a successful test.
  3. The third is an underwater leakage test with 145 psi / 10 bar with compressed air for 10 minutes without end caps.
  4. The fourth and final test is an underwater leakage test with 145 psi / 10 bar of compressed air for 10 minutes on a completely-assembled heat exchanger.

3. Robotic welding ensures consistent and high quality welds.

4. Unique and Specialized Test Stand is used to validate the published performance specifications which translates into the right-sized heat exchanger for your application. This may be a smaller and less costly heat exchanger than you are using now.

Product Features:

– High-performance hybrid cooling which adds fins to the traditional shell and tube cooler and reduces the size by 50%!

– A 100% internal bypass available—the only one in this class to offer that capability!

Failsafe model is available. Haven’t heard of this before? This is a special tube-in-tube design that prevents cross-contamination of the cooling medium (water from a cooling pond for example) and the medium (hydraulic oil for example) should one of the tubes rupture. This keeps the cooling medium out of the hydraulic system and hydraulic oil out of the environment. Imagine the cost and PR nightmare when your traditional heat exchanger fails and your hydraulic oil ends up in the stream in your back yard. Don’t forget about the water getting into your hydraulic system. Now you need to shut down the system, filter out the water and replace the oil. Consider yourself lucky if none of the components (pump, valves, etc.) were damaged by the water. Imagine then if your damaged pump or valve has a 16 week lead time for a replacement. You can have peace of mind with a failsafe model for a small price premium.

– Flexible customization for your application. There is a long list of examples, but some include models with simple modifications such as special ports, others include special housings for high-flow situations (such as reducing cooler size by a whopping 50% for compressed air applications) and then some material combinations for the particular operating environment. There are even in-tank models that eliminate the housing all together. We will do what is necessary to make a heat exchanger for your application.

– Available in many different types of material options including:

— Copper

— Copper – Nickel

— Stainless Steel

— Naval Brass

— Titanium

— and more

3D CAD models available

Marine certifications such as ABS, GL, DNV, etc. are available

– ISO 9001 certified and made in Europe since 1984 and more recently in USA since 2014.


Think about it. Where will you be a year from now? Will you still be struggling trying to fix or replace your current heat exchanger again, while competitors who are tech-savvy steal business from you? Or will you be enjoying the exhilarating feeling of selling your products and services that you know will last? Order now and I guarantee you’ll be thrilled. If you’re planning to get average product, please get other less quality products from our competitors.

These heat exchangers are standard issue for the world’s top brands including: Husky Injection Molding Systems, Cincinnati Milacron, Eaton, Kaeser Compressors, Atlas Copco, Herrenknecht, Putzmeister and more. If they trust us, then you should too!

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