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Hydraulic Accessory — Butterfly Valves

The Hytorc butterfly valve is a component designed to save time for the technician working on the hydraulic system by not having to drain the reservoir. The valve is designed for low pressure hydraulic lines up to 230 psi and can be installed into the pump suction line or mounted directly on to the hydraulic reservoir for example. The maximum pressure differential on either side of the valve should not exceed 58 psi when the valve is closed.

Furthermore, when equipped with a limit switch, the operator can remotely see the open or closed status of the valve. Also, the thin profile and SAE flange makes it easy to design into the hydraulic circuit. The valve can be actuated with or without the shift handle and locked in to place with the automatic locking bolt. Available options: Reservoir Flange, Limit Switch and Threaded Adapter Bushing Inserts.

Hytorc-HydroWer is a supplier and power unit accessory and valve manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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