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Your Source for International Hydraulic Components Since 1989

IC-Fluid Power is a global hydraulic component sourcing company founded to provide easy access to high-quality, European/German hydraulic technology, components and solutions.

Welcome to IC-Fluid Power

Global Hydraulic Component Sourcing

IC-Fluid Power brings the world to you by sourcing off-the-shelf and custom hydraulic components from around the globe. Almost overnight, your options for purchasing high-quality, off-the-shelf and custom hydraulic components triple, maybe even quadruple.

Best-in-class Hydraulic Components

Providing you with easy access to high-quality and many times unique, German and European-sourced hydraulic components.

Extensive On-Hand Parts Inventory

Reduce the cost and time to source the world on your own. Increase your capital, reduce risk, and improve cost/benefit ratios.

Experts in Speciality Hydraulics

Providing you with strategies to source hydraulic components, and engineering and hydraulic component design.

International Hydraulic Group

Our success comes from the long- standing relationships at the foundation of our supply chain that allow us to link you to global and domestic partners.

Product Categories

blue jahns flow divider hydraulic

Flow Dividers

Using hydraulic gear, radial piston, and volumetric division techniques, flow dividers purposefully divide a single input from a pump into multiple outputs.
heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Small to large, standard and custom coolers are offered to remove heat from your system using water, coolant, air, or some other medium.
thermoplastic hoses low high medium very low very high pressure zec


Available for low to very high pressure, flexible thermoplastic hoses are used for several different sectors such as oil-hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, and more.
Hydraulic Accessories Spardow Test Points and Hoses

Hydraulic Accessories

View various products that help optimize efficiency and longevity of your production including the Serv-Clip, compensators, check valves, and test points and hoses.
red hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Specialty, test, and standard cylinders, often custom built, are available in telescopic, large bore, long stroke, and more. Special seals and rod coatings are available for the most demanding applications.
hydraulic motors jahns

Hydraulic Motors

Planetary gear drive and radial piston motors give applications a greater manufacturing depth and guarantees a higher-level of product quality.
power unit products and valves hydraulic butterfly valve compensator

Power Unit Products & Valves

Manual valves, shutoff valves, and rubber compensators are used to control various machines at varied pressures, including very high pressures up to 2,000 bar / 29,000 psi.
blue shock dampener for your press reverse tonnage prevention hylatechnik

Press Products

Optimize the safety and efficiency of your press systems using rod locking devices, shock dampeners, die splitter carts, die splitter turnover devices, and more.
Gray hydraulic pressure intensifiers by ScanWill

Pressure Intensifiers

Reciprocating or single-stroke cylinder intensifiers are used to increase the pressure output of an existing low-pressure system, giving a boost of pressure when and where it’s needed, yielding greater pressure.
Hydraulic Rotary Actuators blue by Eckart

Rotary Actuators

From high quality, custom-designed hydraulic rotary actuators to ready drop-ins with fast lead times and flexible shipping options, we provide the best solution for your application needs.
Gold and Gray Hydraulic Rotary Union by Maier

Rotary Unions

Custom rotary unions and various series of standard hydraulic rotary unions are used to conduct fluids and gases, taking place typically under very high pressure.
Stainless Steel Fittings for Hydraulic Applications

Stainless Steel Fittings

Standard and non-standard fittings such as pipes, ports, tubes, and hoses can be used for many products and applications in many different industries including construction, manufacturing, and automotive.
Gray Valve Actuator HyRav by Eckart

Valve Actuators

A compact and high-torque way to open and close your valves, increasing performance, uptime, reliability, and safety while reducing maintenance costs using helical spline technology.

Featured Products

Through the constant developments made by Eckart GmbH engineers, and the use of high quality materials, Eckart GmbH rotary actuator components provide durability and dependability. With an Eckart GmbH rotary actuator, you can profit from their experience. More than 70% of these actuators are custom-designed to meet specific customer needs. Tell us about your project and we will present you with a customized optimum solution.

Without doubt hydraulic solutions can be said to operate with immense force. Whoever occasionally needs even more force, albeit for only a brief spell and therefore does not want to reconfigure the complete hydraulic system to suit, can now save themselves the bother, if they opt to install a pressure intensifier.

Available through Jahns, our Flow Dividers come in different types such as Hydraulic Gear Type, Radial Piston, Volumetric, and Rotary. Flow Dividers utilize flow from a single input source and divide it into multiple different outputs. Ranging from 2 to 12 section dividers with various flow rates, these flow dividers come in multiple sizes for numerous applications.

The Serv-Clip® tube measuring connection is used to add a test point on an existing hydraulic circuit within 3 minutes. There is no need for cutting pipes, even if the system is pressurized to 9,100 psi (630 bar). The Serv-Clip® has the ability to carry out various measurements: pressure, flow rate, leakage, temperature, oil sampling or connect a variety of measuring devices.

Featured Articles

In this article, we will talk about the new tool intensifier benefits, applications, and how it works.


blue jahns flow divider hydraulic

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