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IC-Fluid Power: Global Hydraulic Component Sourcing for a Flat World

Your world is flat. Due to the rise in cheap access to connectivity and hardware, global hydraulic component outsourcing has evolved into an opportunity to drive transformational change within your organization. Many businesses, however, do not have the resources or the know how to source their hydraulic component needs from overseas locations. That’s where we come in.

IC-Fluid Power brings the world to you by sourcing off-the-shelf and custom hydraulic components from around the globe. Almost overnight, your options for purchasing high-quality, off-the-shelf and custom hydraulic components triple, maybe even quadruple.

So many options. So little time. Where do you start?

Strategic Hydraulic Sourcing in a Flat and Complex World

How to utilize IC-Fluid Power for positive business impact

Global hydraulic sourcing strategies can be a key point of differentiation for many organizations. Improved profit margins, greater working capital, and reduction and containment of cost are key financial considerations.

IC-Fluid Power creates four primary business benefits when working with customers: ensures reliable hydraulic component supply; mitigates risk; improves working capital and reduces and contains the cost of goods and services.

  1. Ensures reliable hydraulic component supply. Partnering with IC-Fluid Power to source your hydraulic component needs globally provides you with a reliable supply of hydraulic components and greatly reduce the cost of bringing them in overseas yourself. IC-Fluid Power anticipates and rapidly reacts to changes, while simultaneously investing in relationships with manufacturers that offer the lowest price and show the most potential.
  2. Mitigates risk. For more than 25 years, IC-Fluid power has developed manufacturer relationships and built an infrastructure and process for bringing high-quality German and European hydraulic components to North America. By partnering with IC-Fluid Power, you are able to mitigate your risk and focus on what you do best.
  3. Improves working capital. By relying on IC-Fluid Power, you can cut down the costs it would take you to do all this on your own, and therefore, increase the capital your company has to work with from day to day. Whether you are in charge of purchasing, management, maintenance, or engineering German and European hydraulic components can bring a whole new market to your business.
  4. Reduces and contains the costs of goods and services. Because IC-Fluid Power works with hundreds of North American businesses, we are able to leverage our purchasing power and pass the savings on to our clients. We are able to anticipate and quickly react to changes in the market and strengthen relationships with German and European manufacturers to improve our client’s cost/benefit ratios.

Call IC-Fluid Power today at 1.877.ICFLUID and find out what impact strategic hydraulic sourcing can have on your business.

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