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Power Unit Products & Valves – Shut Off Valves

The Hytorc shut off valves are mainly conceived for installation into pump suction pipes. The basis line has a SAE-connection shape with connection dimensions according to SAE-standard J518 – 3000 psi. After loosening the pipeline or the elastic pipe connection the shut off valve remains fixed to the part to be closed by fixing screws in the SAE-connection shape.

The inner diameter of the shut off valve is enlarged by the plate and threshold level diameter so that the free cross section complies to the nominal width. The plate and the threshold are formed to avoid a spin of the oil stream. A bolt which automatically snaps in any switch position guarantees arrestoring in any switch position. The bolt snaps into the switch plate which is fixed in a way that it cannot be lost, so that the shut off valve is always arrestored even without shifter.

Various additional flanges and parts make direct boltening to the oil tank (T-flange) or the installation into a pipeline (tapped bushings) possible. Due to the lateral openings (Ø 0) it is possible to fix the shut off valve between flanges or heavy (long) suction pipes can be held by additional screws. The shut off valves can be equipped with a limit switch, which is operated through the unloosable switch plate which is fixed so that it cannot be lost. Explosion-proof limit switches are possible.

Hytorc-HydroWer is a supplier and power unit accessory and valve manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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