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Power Unit Products & Valves – Rubber Compensators

The Hydrower rubber compensators are elastic pipe joint couplings with rotating SAE and DIN flanges. The compensators are designed to absorb vibrations (noise reduction) as well as axial and radial stress.

The surface of the rubber compensators is smooth on the in- and outside incorporating two-fold high strength plies of fabric. The outer rubber, made of Neoprene, is weather resistant and protects the inner pressure bearer from ageing, wear and corrosion. The inner rubber is made of nitrile rubber (Perbunan, a Buna variety). The compensators have rubber reinforcements vulcanised on both sides. These reinforcements have two lips and an inclined ridge for better sealing. Further sealings are not necessary.

Hytorc-HydroWer is a supplier and power unit accessory and valve manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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