Heat Exchangers – Oil-Air Cooler

Universal Hydraulik LKI oil-air coolers, the manufacturers have succeeded in reducing the noise level. These coolers are ideally suited for stationary installations – for the cooling of hydraulic or lubricating oils. The range has been extended to include slow-running ventilators, and the housings have been optimised, in order to produce the very low noise level. In order to make the cooler range as comprehensive as possible, the smaller models are also available as single or dual versions, thus covering oil cooling requirements for both low and high oil throughflow volumes.

Product Features:

  • Testing pressure: 363 psi (25 bar) static according to DIN 50104
  • Operating pressure:  232 psi (16 bar) (min. 2 Mill. Cycles from 0-232 psi (0-16 bar) at 2 Hz and 140 °F (60 °C))
  • Compact oil-cooler
  • High cooling performance
  • Low pressure loss
  • Max. operating temperature: 248 °F (120 °C)
  • High flexibility
  • 2” SAE flange from LKI 700 upward
  • Cooling of: Oil, HFA, HFB, HFC, HFDfluidsup to v = 100 x 10 – 6 m2/s,water/glycol min. 65:35 – under no circumstances water without corrosion prevention
  • Coolant: air
  • Variable motor; Hydro / 12/24V


  • Testing pressure 580 psi (40 bar)
  • Filter pad available on request
  • Thermo-bypass
  • Thermal-switch
  • Atex certification (II 2GD IIC T4 X) according to 94/9/EG
  • Stainless steel


Universal Hydraulik is a supplier and heat exchanger manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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