Hydraulic Hoses – Medium, High and Very High Pressure Thermoplastic Hoses

Medium, high and very high pressure flexible thermoplastic hoses and PTFE from ZEC can be used for applications in the pneumatics and oil-hydraulics fields and in lubrication, as well as for solvents and paints, gasses, chemical products and high temperature. They meet the main international SAE, ISO and EN regulations.

Product Features:

  • Reduced weight and size thanks to the use of raw materials of improved toughness and low specific weight
  • Excellent resistance to fatigue stress, alternating flexing and vibrations
  • Due to the low surface roughness of approximately 0.6 microns, Zec’s thermoplastic hoses achieve minimal head loss and increased flow rates
  • Extremely long lifespan thanks to the exceptional anti-aging qualities of the techno polymers used

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