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Hydraulic Cylinders — Specialty / Test Cylinders

Specialty cylinders are offered by Hänchen. Hänchen has renown for top quality hydraulic cylinders for many years with one of the largest testing range in the market, offering lightweight servo actuators for static applications or high frequency cylinders for dynamic testing:

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Single or double-rod cylinders
  • Up to 320 bar/4,600 psi
  • Modular system for efficient change of applications
  • Integrated position transduced, per your specifications
  • Optional mounting plate for control valve
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Servo valve, sensor, and control software agnostic – we work with all brands
  • Easy serviceability and spare parts available

Which series is right for my application?

Servo cylinders of the Series 120 and 300 are light-duty test actuators for simple testing tasks. For more challenging tasks, the Series 320 is a hydrostatic design offering excellent precision and high performance, allowing for high lateral forces and speeds.

General Specifications:

  • Bore, mm (in): 25-200 (0.98-7.87)
  • Force, kN (lbf): up to 1,568 (up to 352.5)
  • Stroke, mm (in): 1-1,500 (0.04-59.06)
  • Frequency (Hz): up to 100+, limited by servo valve

The 320 Series: Constructed for highly dynamic tests

Perfect for industrial applications, structure tests, and load simulations: the Series 320 test cylinder is the best choice for challenging tasks. It performs well, for example, in checking the functional safety of systems, component parts, or products; for structural testing of airplanes, refrigeration compressors, automobile exhaust system; or for simulating loads and movement, such as operational profiles and flight profiles.

The Series 320 is built from a solid block of steel. This means that any part of the cylinder can be customized to your requirements unlike standard models with limited sizing options. Rigid construction of the cylinder means means no leakage, a long service life, and good data.

4 Stand Out Features of the 320 Series:

  • Bores adjustable to the millimeter: The working areas can be designed individually for the respective requirements, saving acquisition and operating costs for the required periphery, and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Protection against unforeseen movement: Emergency cushion adds protection for the cylinder and test specimen. This is included in the stroke as standard. The effective stroke is between the two emergency cushioning.
  • Operation without a leak oil pump: Thanks to elaborate sealing and guiding system, cylinders don’t need leak oil pumps. The cylinders are equipped with high-quality bronze coatings for optimum emergency running properties.
  • Modular system efficient change of applications: Mounting parts and accessories fit cylinders with different forces and do not have to be purchased several times for one test field.

Hänchen is a supplier and hydraulic cylinder manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

  • High speeds and lateral forces up to 4 m/s (157 in/s)
  • High stability and rigidity, as the entire cylinder body is machined from one solid block of steel (in 320 series)
  • Compact design and more force in a smaller space compared to electric actuators
  • No leak oil pump design

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