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Hydraulic Cylinders — Specialty / Test Cylinders

Specialty cylinders are offered by Hänchen. Hänchen has renown for top quality hydraulic cylinders for many years:

  • Compensating valves integrated in the piston
  • Metering cylinders
  • Three-position cylinders
  • Rapid force/speed cylinders
  • High speed cylinders (up to 40 m/s)
  • Multi-position cylinders
  • Plunger cylinders
  • Control and servo-cylinders
  • Synchronous cylinders
  • Tandem cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • Cooling jacket cylinders
  • Hollow piston cylinders
  • Oscillation (fatigue rated) cylinders
  • Locking and tensioning cylinders

Hänchen is a supplier and hydraulic cylinder manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

  • High speeds and lateral forces up to 4 m/s (157 in/s)
  • High stability and rigidity, as the entire cylinder body is machined from one solid block of steel (in 320 series)
  • Compact design and more force in a smaller space compared to electric actuators
  • No leak oil pump design

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