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Hydraulic Press Products — Rod Locking Device

The Hänchen Ratio-Clamp® keeps the position for you. This device is a positive rod clamping safety device. The Ratio-Clamp is unlocked by hydraulic pressure. In the event of an electrical/hydraulic power loss, the potential energy of the internal Bellville washers load a conical piston, driving it over the friction fingers resulting in securing the load. “A true self contained safety clamp.”

Wherever power failures or malfunctions pose a risk to the safety of people or machinery, the rod locking device is there to save the day. It is also useful to accurately hold the cylinder rod in an exact position without the need to keep hydraulic pressure on the cylinder, thereby saving energy while maintaining accuracy. It clamps down and fixes the piston rod right where it is with no additional power needed.

Guaranteed advantages of hydraulic rod locks

  • No axial rod movement during clamping and releasing
  • Protective clamping effect in case of a power failure
  • Load capacity that is independent of direction
  • Clamps completely surrounding rods
  • IoT 4.0 Compatible: Integrated sensors to know if the clamp is locked or unlocked

Boasting a retention force of up to 101,000 lbf., the clamp hydraulically holds the piston rod in whatever position it is in at that particular moment without having to generate extra power (no extra energy) for an unlimited period of time. The clamping device Ratio-Clamp is approved by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).

Special development of Custom solutions (larger rod diameters, intermediate size, greater clamping forces) pose no problem for the Hänchen specialists. Hänchen is particularly proud of its RC-H model. Following a request from the Health and Safety Centre of the Employers’ Liability Association (BGZ iron and metal section III, Düsseldorf), Hänchen developed the new safety clamping hydraulic Ratio-Clamp under extreme conditions for use with hydraulic presses and injection molding machines.

Ratio-Clamp Applications

  • Testing technology in aviation: The setups for aviation tests have been refined to the last detail. Cylinders are used in different fields of testing, simulating ambient conditions and loads during different flight phases. The Ratio-Clamp® is used to protect the intricately constructed and expensive systems.
  • Production in molding and injection presses: Clamping units ensure safety during the pressing process in molding and injection presses for the production of synthetic and rubber molder parts in accordance with EN 289.
  • Maintenance in railway technology: During maintenance, trains must be fixed in a raised state. The Ratio-Clamp® is ideally suited for this purpose, as it holds the train securely in position until the work had been completed.
  • Production in grinding machines: During the production process of ICE rail sleepers, extremely large and heavy concrete workpieces must be positioned for grinding safely and with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Hänchen’s hydraulic cylinders and Ratio- Clamp® clamping units are designed exactly for these requirements.
  • Production in profilling machines: Hänchen clamping units ensure precise machining and consistent quality in the production of metal profiles. During the production process, they facilitate the machining of the profiles by locking the forming tools in place. Ecological and efficient, purely with spring power.

Hänchen is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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