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Hydraulic Press Products — Scrap Shear

The Hylatechnik Scrap Shear is available as a freestanding unit or mounted directly to the press. Power by a separate hydraulic power unit or use the hydraulics from the press. Actuated control, by either signal or hand/foot pedal switch. It is designed as an economical method of cutting up scrap independent from the tooling.

The Scrap Shear is available in various sizes with the following specifications:

  • Max width: 40 inches
  • Max thickness: 0.394 inch
  • Max speed: 150 spm

In addition to the standard cutting stroke after every feed cycle of the press, a programmable control can be used to cut after any selected number of cycles up to nine. Design variations can be made to meet customer requirements.

Hylatechnik is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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