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Hydraulic Press Products — Hyla-Lift Die Splitter Cart

Hylatechnik Hyla-Lift is a portable hydraulic die separator cart. The cart is used for die setting and die separation. Hyla-Lift replaces sledge hammer and crowbar, saves working time and protects tool guides.

The four lifting cylinders have exact parallel motion even with unequal tool loads.  This allows the operator to release the tool jam and lift the upper plate level. Unequal distances between tool top and base are equalized with the adjustment screws. Longer separating strokes than the actual cylinder stroke allows are achieved by repeated lifting and supporting action. The cart is available in three different lifting capacities, 10, 30, or 40 tons.

Hylatechnik is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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