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As a leading manufacturer of high-quality and efficient drive technology Eckart has an emotional relationship with their products. They see machines as visions which came true – they are more than a composition of single parts. Eckart’s motto always has been “gateway for new technologies”. Their product range includes: hydraulic and pneumatic rotary actuators, rotary-linear actuators, linear cylinders and special devices. They manufacture components for nearly all branches of industrial and mobile applications. The quality and features make Eckart actuators very cost-effective. For products pertaining to excavating and drilling machinery, machine tools, onshore and offshore drilling, the construction of vehicles, the pharmaceuticals industry, the food industry, and many other industries. Eckart’s promise is: safety and highest quality come first.

Eckart Catalogs:
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PDF IconEckart E1 Rotary Actuator
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Eckart E3 Rotary Actuator
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Eckart Rotary Actuator PSM
PDF IconEckart HSE4 Rotary-Linear Actuator
PDF IconEckart HyRAV Rotary Actuator
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Eckart Products:

  • Eckart HyRAV Valve Actuators
    HyRAV Valve Actuators
    The HyRAV is more powerful, compact, safer and tailored perfectly to your demands.
  • Eckart PSM2 Pneumatic Rotary Actuator
    Pneumatic PSM2
    The PSM2 is a Pneumatic Rotary Actuator with custom configurations available.
  • PHSE Rotary-Linear Actuator
    Pneumatic PHSE Rotary-Linear Actuator
    The Eckart PSE4 pneumatic rotary-linear-actuator is a combination of a rotary actuator and a dual-action linear cylinder. Consequently, with the PHSE, a rotary movement and a linear movement can be executed in an extremely small space.
  • Eckart E1 Rotary Actuator
    E1 Rotary Actuator
    The E1 rotary actuator is Eckart’s entry-level actuator and is the successor to the popular SM1 series. The E1 works well with low-pressure hydraulic systems with typical pressure ratings of 580 psi (40 bar) – 1,450 psi (100 bar).
  • Eckart E3 Rotary Actuator
    E3 Rotary Actuator
    The E3 Series of rotary actuators offers a torque output of up to 31,000 in-lb (3,600 Nm), a pressure rating of 3,000 psi (207 bar) and standard rotations of 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees.
  • Eckart HSE4 Rotary-Linear Actuator
    HSE4 Rotary-Linear Actuator
    The HSE4 Rotary-Linear Actuator has the same features of the SM4 Rotary Actuator with Rotary-Linear functionality.
  • Eckart IC-20 Hydraulic Rotary Actuator
    The IC-20 is a Hydraulic Rotary Actuator with custom configurations available.
  • Eckart Custom Rotary Actuators
    Custom Rotary Actuators
    Both Post/Holland and Eckart GmbH provide high-quality custom rotary actuators.
  • Eckart SM4
    Available options include: cushions, control switch assembly, special mounting flanges, shaft configurations, porting, speeds, special materials, various standard and custom sizes and much more.