Hydraulic Rotary Actuators – E1

The E1 rotary actuator is Eckart’s entry-level actuator and is the successor to the popular SM1 series. The E1 works well with low-pressure hydraulic systems with typical pressure ratings of 580 psi (40 bar) – 1,450 psi (100 bar). The E1 rotary actuator functions according to the “helical gear” principle and, due to its compact design, only requires a minimum amount of space while delivering high performance and flexibility.

Helical Spline Hydraulic Rotary Actuators:

Our rotary actuators are the helical spline design. This means, a piston and a helix, or sliding spline, work together to convert the linear motion of the piston into rotational motion. Composed of two moving parts and some form of housing, the sliding helical splined gear concept within the actuator is used in many applications where a rotary movement is required. Helical Spline Actuators function when the piston is axially displaced using hydraulic pressure causing simultaneous rotation of the piston. Standard amounts of rotation are 90°, 180°, and 360°; but are available generally up to 720° or more. Additional rotation is created by making the spline gears longer while maintaining the same diameter. The primary benefit to this type product compared to alternative designs such as linkages using hydraulic cylinders (linear actuators) is its compact design.

Hydraulic Rotary-Linear Actuator Standard Features:

  • Pressure rating at 1,450 psi (100 bar)
  • 5 models of pistons Ø 40 – 125 mm
  • Standard rotation – 90°/ 180° / 270° / 360°
  • Adjustable “zero” or home position
  • Wear resistant slide surfaces
  • 2-Point Bearing

Hydraulic Rotary-Linear Actuator Optional Features:

  • End Cushioning
  • Rotation adjustable by ±5°
  • Flange mounting
  • Foot mounting
  • Position encoder output
  • Drive shaft configurations, such as spline shaft, tooth hub, hollow shaft, key shaft, etc.
  • Custom configurations available

PLEASE NOTE: The E1 series of actuators replaces the SM1 series. Contact IC-Fluid for SM1 information or replacement parts.


Eckart is a supplier and rotary actuator manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.


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