Hydraulic Rotary Actuators – E3

The Eckart E3 is a hydraulic rotary actuator that has been especially designed for mobile applications; however, it is not limited to such applications. This rotary actuator functions according to the “helical gear” principle and, due to its compact design, only requires a minimum amount of space.

The Eckart E3 is identical in form to the products of its competitors, but has unique selling points which can offer considerable advantages: firstly, there is virtually no backlash; secondly, there is no play in the 4-point roller bearing; and thirdly, no compact seals which can be subjected to stress on both sides are used. Consequently, there is no more wobbling, such as on the work platform, when a lateral movement is made.

Hydraulic Rotary-Linear Actuator Standard Features:

  • Torque output to 31,800 in-lb (3,600 Nm)
  • Pressure rating at 3,000 psi (210 bar)
  • Standard rotation – 180° / 360°
  • Wear-resistant slide surfaces
  • 4-Point Bearing
  • Through-hole (i.e. For cable pass-through)

Hydraulic Rotary-Linear Actuator Optional Features:

  • Integrated valve block
  • Custom configurations available

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