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Hydraulic Rotary Unions — DP Series

The Maier DP series is an universal rotary joint for hot and cold water and thermal oil, with balanced mechanical seal and ball bearings. Thanks to a low frictional torque high speeds are possible. Various application-specific seal combinations can be selected according to the application. The small series is also suitable for hydraulic oil and compressed air.

The Maier DP Series meets the special requirements of the printing and plastics industries. It is available in four variants, including different sizes from small to large and a stainless steel series.

Hydraulic Rotary Union Standard Product Features:

  • Low friction torque, no anti-rotational devices required
  • Long service life with easy field repair and maintenance
  • Rotor made of chrome steel
  • Housing and Elbow made of brass and glass beaded without harming environment
  • Series -750 for thermal oil equipped with heat-stabilized ball bearings, Viton O-Rings, and axial shaft seal for additional bearing protection
  • Connection to rotating pressure system by means of standardized connection pieces with right-hand or left-hand male thread NPT (ANSI), K-Flange, and conical inner ring (DN 1 1/2 and larger), fixed flange (DN 1 1/2 and larger), and sealing with groove and O-Ring
  • Radial housing connection with right-hand thread NPT (ANSI), axial with right-hand thread NPT (ANSI) and screw plug. For series -750 radial and axial housing connections with right-hand thread NPT (ANSI). Axial thread with screw plug.

The Small Series DP 1/4:

  • Housing made of anodized aluminum, Atet-Design without anodization
  • Ball bearings factory-lubricated for life

The Large Series DP 2 1/2 to 4:

  • Housing made of lacquered steel, for one way flow, two way flow, non-rotating and rotating inner pipe. No elbow required.
  • Maintained advantages of low frictional torque, high speeds possible

The Stainless Steel Series DPN:

  • Suitable for food industry or aggressive media or areas
  • Standard design made of 430F (1.4104) steel, for demanding applications of 316Ti (1.4571)

Maier is a supplier and rotary union manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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