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Jahns-Regulatoren Gmbh has been in business since 1905, beginning with the specialized manufacturing of different types of engine controls. In 1928 they began manufacturing axial piston pumps and controls for water turbines.

Beginning in 1970, the company produced radial piston motors and in 1986 the company entered the market for hydraulics and drive systems.

In 1992, the company took over the production and sales of the ATE company specializing in vane motors. (This product is no longer offered through Jahns). In May 2000, Jahns Hydraulik purchased the ABG company in Karlsruhe.

A range of rotary pumps, immersion pumps and agitators are used in the chemical processing industry. The addition of the new product range gives Jahns-Regulatoren GmbH a greater manufacturing depth and guarantees a higher level of product quality. The company utilizes CNC machining centers to manufacture products in small batches. All products are checked in their test facilities before they leave the plant. Jahns-Regulatoren GmbH believes the timely delivery and quality of parts they produce are the key factors to their success.

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