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Rotary Actuators – HyRAV Rotary Actuator

HyRAV® – more powerful, compact, safer  and tailored perfectly to your demands The hydraulic valve actuators HyRAV of Eckart, form a full series of double-acting actuators or spring return actuators according to the principle of helical gears. The compact and concentric design of the valve has proven to be excellent in practice and provides the customer with space savings as well as reliability. Moreover, the HyRAV series can be applied in the most severe conditions, i.e. from high vibrations to severe environmental locations, and further, provides a powerful, safe  solution for automation of valves. Additionally, the series is easily adapted to all types of valves, what is a result of the generous design of the hollow shaft and adaptable flange types.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • 12 drive sizes with torques up to 250,000 Nm at 210 bar
  • Small dimensions, slim and compact style
  • Smallest footprint to torque ratio
  • By concentric design are no radial forces transmitted to the valve
  • Optimum cushioning protects the valve and actuator
  • Easy installation and adjustment to each valve
  • Maintenance free, no lubrication required
  • Suitable for on/off, control and failsafe operation
  • High repeat accuracy and very simple control of the flow rates
  • Extremely trip possible (eg. 90° in 0.2 sec.)
  • Robust against extreme environmental conditions
  • Durable against vibrations

Eckart is a supplier and valve rotary actuator manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, marine, and industrial.

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