Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers – MP-CT Series

” The MP-CT pressure intensifier is made for installation in hydraulic stacking systems, where a higher end pressure is required for a specific job. The MP-CT will increase the pressure exactly and only where required, and supply the higher pressure through a separate female port G1/4″. End pressures in the range 1,400 to 11,500 psi / 100 to 800 can be achieved, and the end pressure is proportionally to the supplied pressure, which can be in the range 145 to 2,900 psi / 10 to 200 bar. The supply   circuit will not be affected by the higher pressure, and will not have influence on other functions in the chain. The MP-CT is designed for inlet flows from 0.5 to 3.96 GPM / 2 to 15 LPM dependent on the ratio chosen. For evacuation of the high pressure side a pilot operated check valve is integrated. This is operated by a directional valve on the supply side, and will activate the high pressure side to tank. Using the MP-CT in a hydraulic system offers the advantage, that the system pressure can be kept as low as possible, as any higher pressure can be obtained where needed. This way pressure reduction in the whole system and energy wasting can be avoided.

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