Hydraulic Reciprocating-Style Pressure Intensifiers – Accessories

Mounting nut The M-Nut is a M28 x 1.5 Nut used for mounting the MP-T pressure intensifier.
Mounting kit The M-Kit consists of two mounting brackets, used to fasten the intensifier to a base plate.
Connection kit Connection Kits are available for mounting the intensifiers directly to a hydraulic block. The P and T connection is then supplied directly through the Connection Kit, eliminating the need for tubing.
Cetop D03 / NG06 top plate The Cetop D03 / NG06 top plate is for closing the top of the MP-C intensifier.
High Pressure Fittings
High Pressure Filters In-line Filters grant a high protection to the most delicate components in a hydraulic system.

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