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Hydraulic Press Products — Parallelism Control System

The Hylatechnik parallel leveling device preserves the life of presses and machine tools, increasing the economic return on your equipment and the quality of the work piece.

Often press manufacturers and tool makers are asked to design a press or die with severe off-center loads. The off-center load forces the slide to tilt placing high side thrust loads on the slide, gibs and frame. The result is abnormal wear of gib and slide liners, improper die alignment, reduced die life and lower part quality.

The Hylatechnik Parallelism Equalizer consists of four cylinders set beneath the ram and connected to a specially designed metering system. The instant the cylinders come in contact with the ram, oil in the cylinder flows to the metering system. The metering system prevents any of the cylinders from moving ahead of the rest, assuring parallelism.

The Hylatechnik Parallelism Equalizer permits the placement of tools with off-center load conditions without twisting the ram to non-acceptable conditions. Press and tool life is increased and common use of cutting, drawing, trimming and contouring tools become possible.


  • Corrects off-center loads in hydraulic presses
  • To prevent press ram from taking out of parallel positions, even with severe off-center loads
  • To permit the simultaneous use of several dies on the press for better machine utilization
  • Particularly suitable for use with progressive tooling


  • Parallelism of ram is accurately maintained, even with severe off-center loads
  • Press and tooling is protected
  • Economic utilization of machine is increased
  • Quality of work piece is increased

Hylatechnik is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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Hydraulic Press Products — Shock Dampers

Have you ever been in a metal stamping facility and heard something that sounds like a train running into the building every time the press cycled? If you have, what you are hearing is an event called reverse tonnage and it is tearing up the press. In this short explanation, we will attempt to explain Reverse Tonnage also known as Snap-Through in a metal stamping press. Reverse tonnage is the undesirable results of cutting, blanking, and perforating operations. In the stamping process, the moment the punch meets the material, the press frame begins to deflect until the press has built up enough force to exceed the shear strength of the material and the punch breaks through. When this happens the press frame will release the stored-up energy and snap back past its original position or resting position into a compression load.

The press frame and components that are designed to function in a tension load are now in a compression load condition and all of this will occur in less than 20 milliseconds. At the instant of breakthrough during blanking, the press and dies are subjected to severe stress. This compression load condition on the press frame is called reverse tonnage and it can damage your press.

The conventional industry standard is to have presses designed to accept a reverse tonnage load that does not exceed 10% of the maximum forward capacity of the press. In other words, the maximum allowable reverse load for a 600-ton press is 60 tons. So, anything over 60 tons, you risk damaging your press.

So, what happens when we have too much reverse tonnage?

  • Fatigue failure of press components — especially in the slide connection area, but also main frame parts. Sooner or later, this could result in damage to bearings, seals, gibwayes, etc.
  • Premature wear of punches and die components
  • Foundation issue along with a high noise level
  • Components like bolts, air, and hydraulic lines become loose causing unnecessary leakage
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • High snap-through affects the operator and could cause fatigue, foot, ankles, knees, hips, and even back problems

There are several ways to reduce reverse tonnage in a blanking operation:

  • Change raw material to a softer, thinner type if the job allows for it
  • Maintain punches to limit the applied tonnage or step the punches
  • Reducing the press speed helps, but it increases the production time
  • Place the tooling in higher tonnage capacity presses

Many times, these reduction methods are not practical or may only minimally reduce the reverse tonnage on these heavy-hitting jobs. However, the hydraulic Shock Damper is the solution. Hylatechnik developed the hydraulic Shock Damper over 45 years ago and stampers from around the world have been protecting their equipment by using them.

Hylatechnik Shock Dampers are designed to protect the press and tooling from snap-through loads. The Hylatechnik dampers will reduce or eliminate reverse loads, floor vibration, noise, and will increase tool life as well as forward tonnage in many applications.

Applications include hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, and press breaks. The shock dampers are not limited to the press size. They can be used on the largest of machines.

Additional benefits of the Hylatechnik Shock Damper are:

  • Increase press speed
  • Use full press capacity
  • Reduction in foundation vibration
  • Reports have shown a reduction in floor vibration of nearly 40%
  • Reduction in noise levels
Hylatechnik Shock Damper Demo — See them in action

Real-Life Customer Testimonials:

Reese Products: 25% Reverse load tonnage reduced to 0.01% on a 400-ton press:

As part of the demonstration, Press Automation installed Hylatechnik Shock Dampers onto a 400-ton Niagara press. Before the Dampers were added, the press was seeing a reverse load of 100 tons or 25% tonnage, significantly exceeding the recommended 10% of the rated forward load in a reverse load situation. By placing the Hylatechnik Dampers on the press, the reverse load was reduced to 0.01% tonnage or 1.2 tons. There was also a substantial reduction in the noise around the press with the Dampers in place. FYI: 100 tons ÷ 400 ton press = 25%

Bobcat: 1700-ton press shows a drastic difference in vibration with Shock Dampers:

Shock Dampers tested on Bobcat’s 1700-ton press resulted in “a drastic difference in vibration felt and ‘crack’ heard. With the dampers, the press stroked almost as smooth as if the die was stroked empty,” Dave Owens, Manufacturing Engineer in a test report for Bobcat.

SKD Automotive Group: Blanking Stroke Dampers reduce vibration levels by 40%:

A customer contacted us for assistance in reducing floor vibration and reverse loads on their 1600-ton Version Press.  The press was being used for a heavy blanking application, which caused severe floor vibration and high reverse loads. The vibration was so intense that it caused a shock that traveled to neighbors across the street, prompting them to contact local authorities and shut down the stamping facility’s production at 11:00 P.M. We were called to do a demonstration of the Hylatechnik Shock Dampers, along with an engineering firm, to document the foundation vibration caused by each press stroke. The results were remarkable and using the Hylatechnik Shock Damper System reduced the floor vibration by 40%. The Shock Dampers also reduced the reverse load within the press manufacturer’s acceptable range. In the assessment provided from HGC Engineering, Brian Howe, MEng, MBA, PEng wrote that the Shock Dampers “provided an improvement in vibration levels occurring on the press frame and transmitted to the surrounding ground.”

According to AIDA Americas research, they found that the reverse load can be reduced by 83%-99% in some of their presses by using the Hylatechnik Shock Damper.

To see the positive effects of the Hylatechnik Shock Damper on your press call the pros at IC-Fluid Power to arrange a demonstration. We can be reached at (419) 661-8811 or

Hylatechnik is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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Hydraulic Press Products — Scrap Shear

The Hylatechnik Scrap Shear is available as a freestanding unit or mounted directly to the press. Power by a separate hydraulic power unit or use the hydraulics from the press. Actuated control, by either signal or hand/foot pedal switch. It is designed as an economical method of cutting up scrap independent from the tooling.

The Scrap Shear is available in various sizes with the following specifications:

  • Max width: 40 inches
  • Max thickness: 0.394 inch
  • Max speed: 150 spm

In addition to the standard cutting stroke after every feed cycle of the press, a programmable control can be used to cut after any selected number of cycles up to nine. Design variations can be made to meet customer requirements.

Hylatechnik is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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Hydraulic Press Products — Hyla-Lift Die Splitter Cart

Hylatechnik Hyla-Lift is a portable hydraulic die separator cart. The cart is used for die setting and die separation. Hyla-Lift replaces sledge hammer and crowbar, saves working time and protects tool guides.

The four lifting cylinders have exact parallel motion even with unequal tool loads.  This allows the operator to release the tool jam and lift the upper plate level. Unequal distances between tool top and base are equalized with the adjustment screws. Longer separating strokes than the actual cylinder stroke allows are achieved by repeated lifting and supporting action. The cart is available in three different lifting capacities, 10, 30, or 40 tons.

Hylatechnik is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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Hydraulic Press Products — Die Splitter Turnover Device

The Universal 1972 Die Splitter/Turnover Device is the ideal equipment for testing and spotting dies. The up and down movement of the upper plate is driven through two ball bearing screws connected by two gear motors with two encoders for perfect synchronization. The upper cross member can be rotated by 180° allowing work to be preformed quickly and safely. Dies are split and turned over quickly in under 2 minutes and safely without injury to workers.

The hydraulic power unit drives the rotation of the upper cross member and provides the power for the lower plate to slide out of the machinery. The parallels with “T” slots for die clamping of upper and lower tooling can be moved in order to install dies of different dimensions. These parallels move easy on the ball bearings supports.

Designed to perform several operations without having to use other tools:
– Testing the mechanical operation of a tool without having to use a costly traditional press
– Changing versions on dies without having to stop the press for longer than is needed to remove the tool
– Enabling just one operator to open and split the two sections of the die without having to use jacks or bridge-cranes
– Quickly turning over, in total safety, the top part of the tool without exposing personnel to the risks which this operation involves

The die splitters are available in different sizes:
– Entry-Level ELI15: 1,500 x 1,000mm and 1.5 ton dies
– Entry-Level ELI30: 2,000 x 1,300mm and 3 ton dies
– Small: 2,000 x 1,300mm and 6 ton dies
– Medium: 3,600 x 1,500mm and 15 ton dies
– Large: 6,000 x 2,400mm and 65 ton dies

The machines can be customized to the unique needs of every customer.

Check out the Universal1972 overview video here:

Check out the Universal1972 die splitter video here:

Check out the video of the Universal1972 M30 model in action here:

Check out the video of the Universal1972 M50 model in action here:

Check out the video of the Universal1972 M70 model in action here:

Check out the video of the Universal1972 M100 model in action here:

Universal1972 is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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Hydraulic Press Products — Rod Locking Device

The Hänchen Ratio-Clamp® keeps the position for you. This device is a positive rod clamping safety device. The Ratio-Clamp is unlocked by hydraulic pressure. In the event of an electrical/hydraulic power loss, the potential energy of the internal Bellville washers load a conical piston, driving it over the friction fingers resulting in securing the load. “A true self contained safety clamp.”

Wherever power failures or malfunctions pose a risk to the safety of people or machinery, the rod locking device is there to save the day. It is also useful to accurately hold the cylinder rod in an exact position without the need to keep hydraulic pressure on the cylinder, thereby saving energy while maintaining accuracy. It clamps down and fixes the piston rod right where it is with no additional power needed.

Guaranteed advantages of hydraulic rod locks

  • No axial rod movement during clamping and releasing
  • Protective clamping effect in case of a power failure
  • Load capacity that is independent of direction
  • Clamps completely surrounding rods
  • IoT 4.0 Compatible: Integrated sensors to know if the clamp is locked or unlocked

Boasting a retention force of up to 101,000 lbf., the clamp hydraulically holds the piston rod in whatever position it is in at that particular moment without having to generate extra power (no extra energy) for an unlimited period of time. The clamping device Ratio-Clamp is approved by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).

Special development of Custom solutions (larger rod diameters, intermediate size, greater clamping forces) pose no problem for the Hänchen specialists. Hänchen is particularly proud of its RC-H model. Following a request from the Health and Safety Centre of the Employers’ Liability Association (BGZ iron and metal section III, Düsseldorf), Hänchen developed the new safety clamping hydraulic Ratio-Clamp under extreme conditions for use with hydraulic presses and injection molding machines.

Ratio-Clamp Applications

  • Testing technology in aviation: The setups for aviation tests have been refined to the last detail. Cylinders are used in different fields of testing, simulating ambient conditions and loads during different flight phases. The Ratio-Clamp® is used to protect the intricately constructed and expensive systems.
  • Production in molding and injection presses: Clamping units ensure safety during the pressing process in molding and injection presses for the production of synthetic and rubber molder parts in accordance with EN 289.
  • Maintenance in railway technology: During maintenance, trains must be fixed in a raised state. The Ratio-Clamp® is ideally suited for this purpose, as it holds the train securely in position until the work had been completed.
  • Production in grinding machines: During the production process of ICE rail sleepers, extremely large and heavy concrete workpieces must be positioned for grinding safely and with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Hänchen’s hydraulic cylinders and Ratio- Clamp® clamping units are designed exactly for these requirements.
  • Production in profilling machines: Hänchen clamping units ensure precise machining and consistent quality in the production of metal profiles. During the production process, they facilitate the machining of the profiles by locking the forming tools in place. Ecological and efficient, purely with spring power.

Hänchen is a supplier and hydraulic press product manufacturer for various applications including construction, mechanical, technological, and industrial.

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